Garden Path- The Fruitful Barrel Tayberries 500ml
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Garden Path- The Fruitful Barrel Tayberries 500ml

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Hyperlocal Ingredients 

Oak Vessels- 100% Native Yeast 


The Fruitful Barrel Tayberries is a native yeast ale refermented with Skagit Valley tayberries sourced from Lenning Farms in Mount Vernon, bottle and keg conditioned with local blackberry honey, and aged for ten months in bottles and kegs prior to release.

 Commercially, Skagit County grows less than ten acres of these special fruits, a cross between a blackberry and a red raspberry, which typically demand harvesting by hand due to their very soft texture when ripe. This beer has a balanced but complex yeast character and a refreshing, bright, fruity expression of these unusual summer berries.


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