De La Senne - Nomi Hodaï
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De La Senne - Nomi Hodaï

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Collaboration with Oxbow Brewing Company

4.5% ABV

The Nomi Hodaï is a thirst-quenching beer. It not only contains barley malt, but also rice – a first for our brewery. The rice brings a certain lightness to the beer and has a dry finale, which makes it all the more drinkable. It has been dry-hopped with a mix of old and new varieties, that have the characteristics of noble hops. These hops bring refreshing floral and herbal touches, combined with a fruitiness that reminds us of strawberries and peach.

The name Nomi Hodaï is an expression that can be heard in certain Japanese bars, that have an “all-you-can-drink”-formula for a fixed fee. The reference to this country points out again how incredibly drinkable this thirst-quenching beer is. But be aware, even the Nomi Hodaï should be drunk in moderation!


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