Cellador Ales- The Carrot King ‘2022’
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Cellador Ales- The Carrot King ‘2022’

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Belgian Inspired Wild Ale w/ Carrot Juice 

The Carrot King is one of the most fun (and labor-intensive) beers we make, and one that I’m most proud of. The result of our desire to create a beer with an unusual beer adjunct, and to put that ingredient on full display. We don’t want to bury the carrot flavor in the beer, and so we came to our process in the pursuit of putting as much of the delicious character of the Nantes Carrots grown by Weiser Family Farms into the bottle, as un-fucked-with as possible.

The base beer is blended from carefully selected barrels of our Aged Hop Saison, one of our base beers that most resembles a Belgian Lambic. Once the selected barrels have been blended and we’re ready to bottle them, we juice many, many carrots by hand, measure the natural sugars in the carrot juice and blend that juice into the base beer in order to spark a re-fermentation of those carrot sugars in the bottle, which carbonates the beer. The bottles are filled and capped as quickly as possible after blending, giving us and you just about as close as one can get to the flavor of biting into a fresh carrot, right there in the glass.

The beer pours a gorgeous, luminous orange color, and smells of earth and fresh, tender carrots. The pigment in the carrot juice settles to the bottom of the bottle, so make sure to gently roll the bottle to kick up that sediment before pouring to get the full experience.

Artwork by the inimitable Sam Taylor.



375 ml bottle 


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