Yeast Of Eden- Maestro Mezcalero 750ml
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Yeast Of Eden- Maestro Mezcalero 750ml

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Saison w/ Roasted Agave Hearts - 4.86%

In collaboration with Is/Was Brewing, SACRED Agave, & La Luna Mezcal, we’ve crafted Maestro Mezcalero: a saison fermented upon roasted Cupreata agave hearts. Once the Cupreata agave reaches 8-10 years of age, the hearts are harvested and roasted for five days in a stone-lined earthen oven by La Luna Mezcal in Indaparapeo, Michoacán. The freshly roasted agave was unearthed, milled, and shipped to us where it was added directly to unfermented wort and allowed to ferment & age upon the beer for the next 3.5 months. Bright notes of freshly zested citrus and orange blossom are met with dusty pastoral earth, delicate smoke and a stony minerality that reveal a nuanced beer with a soft acidity. From us to you, we present Maestro Mezcalero.


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