Moksa Brewing Co- Welcome Young One (Hazy)
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Moksa Brewing Co- Welcome Young One (Hazy)

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Heavy tropical notes with a touch of floral

One of our Brewer friends dropped this hint that there was a new experimental hop that could be the "next big thing." We told him we are already contracted for Strata but he said, "No it's not Strata you bloody fool, it's an experimental variety called HBC 586." Our ears perked up and he had our undivided attention. After hearing descriptors such as "tropical" and "bright citrus" we knew we had to test it out. Welcome young One is a 6.6 hop combo showcase of HBC 586 with a hint of Citra. Strong tropical notes are present with a touch of floral flavors to give it some added complexity. It's safe to say we are definitely using this hop in the near future.

STYLE: Hazy Double IPA w/ HBC586, Citra  ABV 8.2%


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