Mikkeller Bourbon Barrel Lifeblod 500ml
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Mikkeller Bourbon Barrel Lifeblod 500ml

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500ml Bottle 

LifeBlod BA

Double Mashed Imperial Stout 

13.3% ABV

For this massive Imperial Stout, we combined the recipes from our coveted ‘Beer Geek Vanilla Shake’ and an MKSD favorite ‘Traeblod’ to create something very special. Brewed with solely the first-runnings from each recipe, and then boiled for over 12 hours we developed an incredibly complex caramelization and rich character; this is truly a special treat. 

Aged in a blend of Heaven Hill, Weller, & Old Fitzgerald barrels for over a year, Life Blod developed a succulent milk chocolate character, layers of toasted coconut and coffee, and a warming spirit backbone. We hope this will settle in welcomingly with our world-class barrel-aged Imperial Stouts of the present, and push us into a new era of decadence!


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