Cellador Ales- Orange Sunshine
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Cellador Ales- Orange Sunshine

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Los Angeles, California


500ml bottle

Orange Wild Ale w/Albariño Grapes 

Orange Sunshine is quite possibly going to be my personal favorite release of this year. We opened a bottle last week, and I’m ALL ABOUT IT. This beer is a wine hybrid that features Albariño grapes. It’s juicy and has lots of wine character, but also leans hard into the farmhouse/earthy/lambic part of the beer spectrum. We basically made an open-fermented orange wine (what you get when you leave a wine made from white grape varieties in contact with the skins for an extended period of time after pressing them) and blended it in to barrels of our Admiral malt saison, before allowing it to continue aging for several months.    –  Alex Ourieff (Sales Manager)



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