Brasserie Cantillon- Mamouche 750ml Bottle
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Brasserie Cantillon- Mamouche 750ml Bottle

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1 BOTTLE PER PERSON : If you order more than 1 bottle we will cancel it and you will get none! Please be respectful! We wish there was more to go around!

Brussels, Belgium.

5.5% ABV

Two-year-old Lambic in which elderberry flowers have been soaked.

The character of the elderberry flowers lends this beer a very pronounced, floral taste that is nevertheless very refreshing.

Brewer's Notes:

The bushes start to flower at the end of May or in early June, and picking is done by the brewery’s staff. The fragrances and flavours of the elderberry flowers are very strong, so much so that we have to select lambics with enough character to enable us to strike the right balance between the beer and the flower. Soaking takes place very quickly, and two to three days are enough to obtain the floral and very fresh accents characteristic of Mamouche.


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