Bottle Logic - Space Jam 2023
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Bottle Logic - Space Jam 2023

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13.5% ABV

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coconut, Raspberry, and Cacao Nib Stout • 13.5% ABV • This is an inter-dimensional showdown between our heralded #SpaceTrace BBA Coconut Stout and fan-favorite #JamTheRadar BBA Chocolate-Raspberry Truffle Stout.

The beer tips off with an ACME bomb of coconut, cuts to a Filipino cacao nib breakaway, then finishes with an electrifying dunk of black and red raspberries.

All references to the 1996 cinematic masterpiece aside, this concept sprang from a #WeekOfLogic fan cuvée back in 2017. We loved it then, and now five years later we're utterly blown away by the distinct moments of coconut, chocolate, and raspberry you'll find as the beer transitions from Space Trace to Jam the Radar on the palate.


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