Bottle Logic Brewing-  Somniphobia 2021 ( Stout)
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Bottle Logic Brewing- Somniphobia 2021 ( Stout)

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Collaboration with Voodoo Brewing Co.

13.13% ABV

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Panama Geisha Coffee • 13.13% ABV • In early 2019 we summoned Pennsylvania's VooDoo Brewing to Anaheim to compare and combine our unique barrel aging techniques. Together we conjured a Double Mash Imperial Stout recipe built to withstand the curse of time in twelve extraordinary Heaven Hill bourbon barrels, where it stayed, buried alive for two full years.⁣

Somniphobia is a small-batch variant on our Deprecophobia base, finished through enough coffee to wake the dead. ⁣
The malevolent mortals at Mostra helped us source and delicately roast a hauntingly delicious blend of Panama Geisha coffee beans from the legendary Finca Lerida farm. This singular finishing ingredient layers a bold milk chocolate character with whispers of walnut and honeysuckle into the unmistakable flavors of the beer’s prominent raisin, cookie dough, and tootsie roll-toned base. It's devilishly viscous at 13% ABV and richer than crushed velvet in a mahogany coffin.


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