Bottle Logic Brewing- Situational Awareness 2023
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Bottle Logic Brewing- Situational Awareness 2023

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Barrel-Aged Coconut + Chocolate Imperial Stout

• 13% ABV

• The Great American Beer Festival has added a Dessert Stout category for the first time and, People of Earth, we lost all grip on reality as we sought to build the most perfect pastry stout of all time to enter into the competition. Excellent news: mission accomplished.

We pulled just 8bbls of the best liquid in our barrelhouse to recirculate on 400lbs of coconut that we lightly toasted in-house for outrageous aromas of waffle cone, Cocoa Puffs, and coconut soft-serve. Coconut oozes through the monstrous, meringue-like body. Tip-of-the-tongue coconut sweetness develops into a rich, robust midpalate with swirls of decadent dark chocolate and bourbon-soaked oak complexity.


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