Alvarado Street Brewing- Motor Oil #18
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Alvarado Street Brewing- Motor Oil #18

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16oz Single 

13.5% ABV 

Collaboration with WeldWerks Brewing Co.

For batch eighteen we didn't exactly re-invent the wheel but took inspiration from familiar flavors and what we thought would pair well with cold weather and the holiday season. The result is pure indulgence - featuring Ceylon cinnamon, Madagascar vanilla beans and dulce de leche. The perfume of Ceylon cinnamon permeates each sip and enlivens the palate coating richness of Madagascar vanilla. Then the irresistible flavor of caramel slowly intensifies, takes hold, and stays with you long after the finish.

This is a stronger Motor Oil than usual, clocking in at 13.5%. You can thank the Weldwerks stout lourds for that, and we're certainly grateful to incorporate their process a bit and push the series into new heights!


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