3 Fonteinen US Exclusive Pack
3 Fonteinen US Exclusive Pack
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3 Fonteinen US Exclusive Pack

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6 x 750 ml


Druif Souvignier Gris 20|21 Blend 50


Bottling date: 31/05/21


For this Druif, we macerated Limburg grown Souvignier Gris grapes on one- and quite a lot of our own two-year old lambik. The maceration took more than seven months. The lambikken in this bottle originate from two different barrels and three different brews.


The weighted average age of this blend upon bottling is eighteen months. A small portion of the lambik was brewed with Belgian grown cereals. The final fruit intensity is 353 grams of fruit per litre of Druif.


Oude Geuze 20|21 Blend 44


bottling date: 13/04/21


Technically an Oude Geuze, while more than 90% of the blend is 3 Fonteinen. We took a small portion of a non-bottle-fermented Golden Blend (season 19|20 No.° 40) and blended with 15-month and 49-month oude lambikken. In total, the lambikken were sourced from seven different barrels and twelve different brews. This way, the weighted average age of this Oude Geuze upon bottling passed the 22-month mark.


About half of the blend consists of lambik that was brewed during the Longest Night of 2019, and which was cooled with sherry barrel staves in the coolship. #yolo


Cuvée Armand & Gaston 20|21 Blend 17


bottling date: 20/01/21


This Cuvée Armand & Gaston has been blended with lambikken from four different barrels and originating from four different brews. Twenty percent of the cereals that we used for brewing the young lambik, were sourced in Brabant through our own farmers’ network. The old lambik that we used — brewed in the first days of 2018 — comes from two small 400-litre barrels that we found to be gently oxidative.


The weighted average age of this blend upon bottling was eighteen months.


Intens Rood 19|20 Blend 78


bottling date: 21/09/2021


This Intens Rood underwent a maceration period for over four months on two year-old lambikken.

We added some more jonge lambik just before bottling, bringing the weighted average age at almost 20 months upon bottling. The final fruit ratio is 432 grams of sour cherries per litre of Kriek.


Munk 19|20 Blend 58


Munk was produced to support and benefit the Heetveldemolen NPO in Tollembeek. This mixed fermentation blond beer is a blend of Silly Saison and 1-year old 3 Fonteinen lambic. The blend was aged in oak barrels for one and a half years and was bottled on March 4, 2020. Very limited edition: only 2,550 bottles of 75 cl were made. The Heetveldemolen is depicted on the label. The name of the beer comes from the Munkbaan where the watermill is located. Carolus de Munck from Lennik bought the watermill in 1855 from the noble Mrs. Herpigny and Mr. Paul Nechelput, the mayor of Tollembeek, whose brother Karel ran both the windmill and the watermill of Heetvelde castle. The watermill is located on the river Mark, where Brasserie de Silly uses the water for brewing. 3 Fonteinen uses grains that are ground in the Heetveldemolen




SvhL X.xv Druif Riesling 20|21 Blend 36


Blend n° 36 • bottling date: 16/03/2021 • bottle count: 592


In the summer of 2020, we received a few hundred kilos of beautiful Riesling grapes from Harth + Harth, a small organic winemaker from the wonderful Rheinhessen region in Germany.


We macerated the full grapes with jonge lambik during five months on an ex-Bordeaux winebarrel. We blended with some 15-month oude lambik before bottling. The final fruit intensity clocks at 674 grams of grapes per litre of Druif. Of the used cereals for the lambikken, almost one quarter was sourced in Pajottenland. All lambikken were brewed by 3 Fonteinen.





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